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Android: Share via installed email clients ONLY!

Came across this very easy and clean way of showing users ONLY email clients to choose from while sharing anything via email.

So here goes the code:-

* Displays a dialog to share via email
* @param mailTo
* @param mailSubject
* @param mailBody
* @param context
private void shareViaEmail(String mailTo, String mailSubject,
String mailBody, Context context) {
// To ensure that only email clients show up in the chooser menu, we are using mailto string
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder("mailto:" + Uri.encode(mailTo));
if (mailSubject != null) {
builder.append("?subject=" + Uri.encode(Uri.encode(mailSubject)));
if (mailBody != null) {
builder.append("&body=" + Uri.encode(Uri.encode(mailBody)));
String uri = builder.toString();
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SENDTO, Uri.parse(uri));



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